Первый уровень

Первый уровень (Elementary)

Программа по грамматике для первого уровня

  • Формы глагола to be 
  • Притяжательные местоимения
  • Артикль
  • Указательные местоимения
  • Present Simple, Past Simple, Present Continuous,
  • Past Continuous, Present Perfect
  • Правильные и неправильные глаголы
  • Притяжательный падеж
  • Личные местоимения
  • Конструкция there is/was /there are/were
  • Степени сравнения прилагательных
  • Наречие

Лексическая программа для первого уровня

  • Знакомство
  • На самолёте
  • В гостинице
  • В кафе
  • В магазине
  • В отделе подарков
  • На улице
  • В ресторане
  • По пути домой



Проверь себя

Test (Elementary)


Circle the correct sentence, a or b

1. a  Hi. I’m Susanna.

    b  Hi. I Susanna.

2. a  Tea is cheaper than coffee.

    b  Tea is more cheap than coffee.

3.  a  Driver is dangerouser than flying..

     b  Driving is more dangerous than flying.

4.  a  Your English is worse than mine.

     b  Your English is more bad than mine.

5.  a   It’s the cheapest restaurant in the city.

     b  It’s the cheaper restaurant in the city.

6.  a  What’s the better time to visit?

     b  What’s the best time to visit?

7.   a  Would you like to do a parachute jump?

      b  Do you like to do a parachute jump?

8.   a  I’d like to drive a Ferrary.

      b   I’d like drive a Ferrary.

9.   a  You speak very slow.

      b  You speak very slowly.

10.  a  She plays tennis very good.

       b  She plays tennis very well.


a  adjectives and adverbs

Write the opposite adjective or adverb.

    good    bad

1. quickly_______

2. safe_______

3. well_______

4. noisy_______

5. the best_______


b  word groups

   Underline the word that is different


  Ireland    Chinese    Thailand    Spain

1. careful    tall       serious    generous

2. cold    hot    dry    dangerous

3. bigge    rhotter    leader    older

4. friendly    quietly    dangerously    carefully

5. noisy    crowded    expensive    safe

c  prepositions

Complete the sentences with for, in, than, of, or up.

   Look at the board.

1. It’s the hottest country  _______  the world.

2. The best  time   _____   year to visit is the spring.

3. I bought a present   _____   my sister.

4. Would you like to go   _____   in a balloon.

5. My brother is taller   ________   me. 



a Underline the word with a different sound

i:    key    meet    they

э    better    popular    car

au    cloudy    slowly    crowded

e    best    friendly    serious

ai    high    shy    big


b  Underline the stressed syllable.


aggressive, ambitious, adventure, politely, dangerously


What can you do?

Can you understand this text?

Read the article. Underline a, b, or c.

1. In the Atacama desert …

a it hardly ever rains.

b  it never rains.

c it sometimes rains.

2. The only people who live there are …

a NASA scientists.

b villagers.

c builders.

3. The people in Chungungo …

a have more water than before.

b  have a lot of water.

c can’t water their plants.

4. The Atacama is a very good place to go if you want to …

a see clouds.

b see mountains.

c see stars.


The Atacama desert …

…the perfect place for people who are looking for adventure.

The Atacama desert in Chile is a spectacular place. There is very little vegetation, and it looks like the moon – in fact NASA tested their vehicles here. There are some very big volcanoes. Almost nobody lives there, but there are small villages on the edge of the desert. Life is hard and everything needs to be imported – food, building materials, and of course water.

In 1971 it rained in the Atacama. People were amazed because the last time it rained there was 400 years earlier, in 1570! It is the driest place in the world. But in the village Chungungo they are now getting water from the fog clouds which come in from the sea. Daisy Sasmaya, a villager, says, “We are very happy because now we can have a shower every day, and we can water our plants every week.” The sky over the Atacama desert is hardly ever cloudy, so it is one of the best places in the world to see the stars. The biggest observatory in the world is being built on top of a mountain. “It’s the purist air in the world,” says journalist Hugh O’Shaughnessy. “At night the sky is incredibly clear – you feel that there is nothing between you and Mars.”


Can you say this in English?

a  Can you …?  Yes (+)

(  )  say what the weather is like today (three sentences)

(  )  compare your town/city with another

(  )  say three superlative sentences about cities in your country

(  )  say three things you would like to do

(  )  say three different ways that people can drive


b Complete the questions

are    do    does    did    would    is    were    do

1. What _____ you do last weekend?

2. How often ______ you do sport or exercise?

3. Where ____ you like to go next summer?

4. ______ your town have many tourist sights?

5. _____ you like cooking?

6. _____ you going to go out tonight?

7. What _____ the teacher wearing today?

8. Where ____ you at ten o’clock last night?