Роб и Рождество...

Hi, Rob here – Teacher at Project and owner of “EnglishmanInUkraine.com

Normally I live in Ukraine, but I spent Christmas with friends and family in England.

Christmas in the UK (and most of the English speaking world) happens on 25
th December. That is about the only thing that unifies this event. Every family celebrates differently, in different ways and in different styles.


For many, it is a time for family. For some, it is a time for food. Some enjoy walks in nature; others enjoy playing games and watching TV. Often people chose to eat lots of food and then get drunk. The food can be anything. Things I have heard of being eaten on Christmas day – turkey, goose, chicken, trout, beef, fish fingers, BBQ prawns, curry and vegetarian nut roast.

My own personal Christmas went as follows. I woke up (always a good start!) and had breakfast. I went with my traditional breakfast of “Shreddies”, but other breakfast cereals are available.
My family* and I then started to open our presents. Our family opens a few presents at a time to prolong the experience.

*My family contains Mum (Wendy), Dad (Julian) and two sisters - Lucy (21) and Louise (20). Lucy was working and with her boyfriend for Christmas, so when I say “my family” I am talking about Mum, Dad and Louise.

I went to my Church on Christmas morning at 10am. Many people chose to go to Church on Christmas because it is a Christian festival, and people want to remember that. Some people only go to Church on Christmas and Easter. Many do not go at all. Our Church sung a mixture of traditional Christmas carols and more modern Christian songs.

At home w
e had lunch (so un-special I cannot remember exactly what I had) and opened more presents. We then played a game of Monopoly. During the game, Mum left the room repeatedly to cook the roast turkey and side dishes.

After the game, it was time for turkey! Our dinner involved – roast turkey, roast potato, roast parsnip, roast swede, brussels sprouts, peas and sweetcorn. See pictures for more information.
We then had a traditional dessert – Christmas pudding. I won’t try and explain this wonderful pudding, just advise you Google it, or preferably; cook and taste it yourself. It is delicious. You won’t regret trying it.

We then watched DR WHO. New, exiting episodes of TV shows are traditional for the UK. Soap
operas have dramatic episodes (either killing characters, having babies or making dramatic revelations known). This year’s DR WHO involved evil snowmen in Victorian England. It was good.

That mainly sums up my Christmas day this year. It was good. I plan to have another one next year

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